My Unedited Plea for Wally & Stephanie in the DCnU

You may have seen our second round of unsolicited advice to DC Comics over at Newsarama. For length and provocative nature, my entry was heavily edited down. Here, then, is the uncut version in its entirety.


Look, DC, we understand, you like to tease. You take us out, wine and dine us, and when the time comes, it’s a brisk handshake at the door as you go up to your apartment alone. But DC, baby, we have needs, and we’ve been literally shouting those needs at you at conventions, on facebook, on Twitter, on message boards; we’ve done everything short of renting a plane and skywriting it: we, your readers, your fans, there’s a huge group of us that like Wally West and a huge group of us that like Stephanie Brown, and we want to read new stories featuring those characters.

Wally West might not be your favorite Flash. Wally, you say, might confuse new readers. If you have to give him a different codename? Fine. All we want is Wally. We want the wisecracks. We want the passionate feelings, the struggle to keep his humanity while being the fastest man alive (and yes, he’s the fastest, sorry Barry). We want Linda, we want his anchor, we want the mythology of the speed force, we want a sidekick that has grown up and surpassed his mentor’s legacy. You still have Dick Grayson, you still have Roy Harper, so there’s really no genuine reason, no story reason to not have Wally West. And that’s the thing here, DC. If you want to be focused on story for story’s sake, and you can’t give us a story reason for a character’s absence, we have to call you on it.

And that brings us to Stephanie Brown. Yeah, she’s a troublesome character, and yes, in the scheme of a “5 years old” DC Superhero landscape, that means she was Robin for about 12 minutes. Fine, she never really established herself as Robin and Batman was always hesitant to acknowledge her as such… but dammit, Stephanie sure as hell is Batgirl. Stephanie Brown brought back some of the wonder and awe to being a superhero without superpowers. She wasn’t invulnerable, and you actually knew it (which is lost in Batman stories sometimes). She wasn’t perfect at her job, but she was trying her hardest and getting better all the time. Barbara’s back as Batgirl? Awesome! Give Steph a new identity, or just let her continue her training under Babs. Heck, you even had the option from Grant Morrison of simply sending Steph to another city, setting her up somewhere in England. She can do it. She’s strong, she’s resilient, and she’s one of the most “real” characters in the DC Universe. One of the pluses of the relaunch is the wider variety of stories that can be told in some of the new books, but don’t take away variety just because you’re adding it in another direction.

Please DC, enough already. Ask us (and Wally, and Stephanie) up for coffee this time.

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